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New entertainment and non-fiction DVDs recently addded to our collection.

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Title Date Added Format
Barcelona 04/17/14 DVD
Wild Wales & rugged Wales 04/15/14 DVD
7 days in September 04/15/14 DVD
I am Divine 04/11/14 DVD
The life and death of stars 04/09/14 DVD
New frontiers [videorecording DVD] 04/09/14 DVD
The world's greatest geological wonders 04/09/14 DVD
Targeting Bin Laden 04/08/14 DVD
Earthflight 04/08/14 DVD
Murph 04/08/14 DVD
Dare to cook 04/04/14 DVD
Discoveries...America national parks. 04/04/14 DVD
The fear that has 1000 eyes 04/04/14 DVD
Red reign 04/04/14 DVD
Codebreaker 04/04/14 DVD
Roman catacomb mystery 04/02/14 DVD
Twa flight 800 04/02/14 DVD
When Jews were funny 04/01/14 DVD
An unreal dream: 04/01/14 DVD

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