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Anna Morand
First librarian at the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library.



Born : date uncertain
Died : April 15, 1920

Brief Biography : Details of the life of Anna Morand, the first librarian of the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library, are few. It is known that Morand and her twin sister, Sophie, were neighbors of library benefactor Thomas Hodgkins. After Morand was appointed as librarian of the new library, she and her sister moved into the cottage on the library grounds. In addition to her librarian’s duties, for which she received a little over five dollars a week in salary, Morand was responsible for cleaning the building. Sophie Morand frequently assisted her sister in the library, and took over for a time when Anna Morand fell ill. Anna Morand retired from the library in October 1912 due to declining health and left the Setauket area. She died in April 1920. A pictue of Anna Morand can be found hanging in the Periodicals Reading Room located in the original part of the library.

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