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LILINK - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I request an item from another public library??

A single search now enables you both to find and request items from your home library and to expand that search to check the collections of other public libraries both in Suffolk and in Nassau Counties. It’s easy. Always begin your search using the Emma Clark catalog: If you don’t find the item you want in our catalog, then select to see which other libraries own and are willing to lend the desired item. To request that a copy be sent to Emma Clark for you, select REQUEST THIS ITEM, select “Emma S. Clark Lib” from the drop-down menu, then enter your last name, first name and barcode and select submit. Once your request is completed, use the “Home” link to return you to the Emma Clark catalog for you next search.

2. Can I request that items be delivered to another library so that I can pick them up there?

No. Items borrowed using the LILINK system can only be delivered to the requestor's home library.

3. When I expanded my search into LILINK, the search box listed a strange combination of numbers and letters instead of the search terms that I used originally. Why did it do that?

If you connect to LILINK from within an individual item record, LILINK will try to borrow that exact item and will not allow you to see other formats or versions. Simply re-enter your original search in the search box and use the dropdown list to change the type of search from “ARN” to “Keyword”,” Author”, “Title”, etc.

4. Do I need a password to check my LILINK holds?

No. To log in to your Emma Clark account you need only enter your name and library card number (barcode number).

5. Are all Emma S. Clark Memorial Library users authorized to place holds through LILINK?

No. Users whose cards have expired or who owe the library more than $10 will be unable to place holds using LILINK until they clear the block on their account. Clerks at the Circulation Desk are available during normal library hours to assist members in clearing accounts. You can view your account (including expiration date) at

6. Are all items at other libraries available to request?

No, not necessarily. Each library controls access to its own items and not all libraries have the same rules.

7. Do items borrowed from other libraries have the same loan periods as Emma Clark items?

No, not necessarily. Most LILINK loans will have a three (3) week loan period. DVDs and certain high-demand items will circulate for only one (1) week. It's up to the loaning library to set these rules.

8. Once I place a hold using LILINK, will I be able to track it?

Yes. Holds placed through LILINK will appear in your Emma Clark account and will be identified as LILINK requests. You can track these items by logging in to your Emma Clark account at

9. How will I know when an item that I've requested from another library is ready for pickup at Emma Clark?

You will receive a call or email from the library (as you do now for holds placed on Emma Clark items).

10. I have just registered as an Emma Clark user. Will I be able to request items through LILINK immediately?

Yes. Anyone with a valid Emma Clark library card can request items through LILINK.

11. Can I still go to another Suffolk County library and borrow items there?

Yes. Just as they are now, items that you check out directly from another library will be charged to your Suffolk County account. You can log in and view this account from the Live-Brary homepage:

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