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Avi The Book without Words
Avi Seer of Shadows
Avi Shadrach's Crossing
Avi Something Upstairs
Babbit, Natalie Eyes of the Amaryllis
Bellairs, John The Ghost in the Mirror
Butler, Beverly Witch's Fire
Calhoun, Mary The Night the Monster Came
Cassedy, Sylvia Behind the Attic Wall
Coville, Bruce The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed
Coville, Bruce The Monster's Ring
Fleischman, Sid The Midnight Horse
Fleischman, Sid The 13th Floor
Gaiman, Neil Coraline
Hahn, Mary Downing The Doll in the Garden
Hahn, Mary Downing Wait Till Helen Comes
Hoffman, Mary The Four–legged Ghosts
Lasky, Kathryn Beyond the Burning Time
Levy, Elizabeth Dracula is a Pain in the Neck
McCaughrean, Geraldine The Stones are Hatching
Mayne, William Hob and the Goblins
Nixon, Joan Lowry The Haunting
Pinkwater, Daniel 4 Fantastic Novels
Pullman , Philip Clockwork, or All Wound Up
Roberts, Willo Davis Hostage
Stoker, Bram Dracula
Van Nutt, Robert The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Wallace, Barbara Brooks Peppermints in the Parlor

Bellairs, John The Doom of the Haunted Opera
Bellairs, John The Drum, the Doll and the Zombie
Bellairs, John The Eyes of the Killer Robot
Bellairs, John The Lamp from the Warlock's Tomb
Bellairs, John The Mansion in the Mist
Bunting, Eve Coffin on a Case
Bunting, Eve The Ghost Children
Byars, Betsy King of Murder
De Felice, Cynthia The Ghost and Mrs. Hobbs
Howe, Deborah Bunnicula
Wright, Betty Ren Christina's Ghost
Wright, Betty Ren The Dollhouse Murders

Dahl, Roald Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories
Don't Give Up the Ghost
Gorog, Judith In a Messy, Messy Room
Goode, Diane Diane Goode's book of Scary Stories
The Haunted House
Jacques, Brian Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales
McKissack, Patricia The Dark-thirty
Ask the Bones
Poe, Edgar Allan The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Poe, Edgar Allan Ghostly Tales and Eerie Poems
San Souci, Robert Dare to be Scared
Scary, Richard The Scary Story Reader
Vivelo, Jackie Chills Run Down My Spine
Whitcher, Susan Real Mummies Don't Bleed

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